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Spirit of NOLA


Frames Not Included

When the sun goes down over New Orleans, that’s when the spirits rise. You’re standing on an old balcony, its wrought iron allowed to rust. As you watch the full moon shining over the French Quarter, you feel the sultry southern air suddenly go chill. That’s when you see her. Angel? Ghost? Maybe a little of both. The Spirit comes for you, tempting you.  And if she touches you? You’ll be captivated by the Spirit of NOLA forever.

Spirit of NOLA Fine Art Prints

Limited & Open Editions

  • 5″x7″
  • 8″x10″
  • 11″x14″
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The painting Spirit of NOLA, completed in April of 2017 by Debbie Ainsworth, features a ghostly figure in the French Quarter.

Professionally printed on High Quality 80lb Linen Textured paper.  

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