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Our Blessing


Frames Not Included

Our Blessing combines the miracle of parenthood with the iconography of stained glass. Bold strokes of silver outline an alcove of organic copper surrounding a set of parents gazing adoringly at their new blessing. The father’s shirt is in shades of purple and magenta broken by geometric lines, while the mother is all in royal blue featuring swirling lines. The sleeping baby is swaddled in rich fabric with a diamond pattern reflecting the silver and copper background. A perfect gift to commemorate a new addition to any family.

Our Blessing Fine Art Prints

Limited & Open Editions

  • 5″x7″
  • 8″x10″
  • 11″x14″
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The painting Our Blessing, was completed in November of 2019 by Debbie Ainsworth. It features parents with a new baby.

Professionally printed on High Quality 80lb Linen Textured paper.  

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