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Mr Bingle


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“Jingle jangle jingle, here comes Mister Bingle, with another message from Chris Kringle!” For children growing up in New Orleans during the 1960s, the Christmas season was officially underway when Mister Bingle arrived on the scene. Along with the TV show, Mister Bingle was (and still is) an iconic part of Christmas on Canal Street, adorning the outside of the original location of the Maison Blanche department store. Mister Bingle is a fluffy snowman with holly leaf wings, striped gloves, an ice cream cone hat, and a peppermint wand. Here, he is seen flying over a glittering field of snow.

Mr. Bingle Fine Art Prints

Limited & Open Editions

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The painting Mister Bingle, was completed in December of 2016 by Debbie Ainsworth. It features New Orleans icon Mister Bingle flying over a snowy field.

Professionally printed on High Quality 80lb Linen Textured paper.  

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