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Crystal Preserves


Frames Not Included

Anyone who has ever driven down Tulane Avenue will recognize the Crystal Preserves sign. Made for a woman who was named after the iconic New Orleans road sign, the painting features the billboard, a rusty guardrail, and wildflowers pushing through the pavement in yellows and pinks. The vibrant green of the sign and blue of the sky work to create a sense of Rockwellian nostalgia. Katrina damaged the original sign, but it was restored and now sits in the same location, making memories for a new generation.

Crystal Preserves Fine Art Prints

Limited & Open Editions

  • 5″x7″
  • 8″x10″
  • 11″x14″
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The painting Crystal Preserves, was completed in July of 2017 by Debbie Ainsworth. It features the iconic billboard on Tulane Avenue in New Orleans.

Professionally printed on High Quality 80lb Linen Textured paper.  

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